Infographic: Hang Pictures, Easily!

The Framing Stylist recently spoke to a customer who just moved into her first home.  Her furniture was brought in and set, her personal items distributed around her home, displayed or stored away in their new, proper places.

But she was in a quandary: where was she to begin decorating her walls? And how? The whole idea intimidated her.  She didn't want to make any mistakes (as much as possible) and ruin her walls with hooks and screws and holes.

The Framing Stylist gave her a free consultation by phone, assuring her that it's really quite easy; it just needs a little mulling over and some advice from an expert (like TFS!).  We also sent her this nifty infographic from, which is an informative, good place to start.  We hope this helps you, too! Click on the image to enlarge.



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